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What do you want your stage to look like?

Your stage can be designed exactly as you imagine it. The only thing that limits your freedom to design the form and format is the location where the event will take place. We have been designing suitable rental platforms with our customers for many years and are here to help with any questions. Whether indoors, for example as a forestage to expand an already existing fixed stage, or outdoors as a carnival stage on the market square: apq stages always form the perfect platform for your performance.
In addition to our "normal" stage platforms in the 2 x 1 m format, our rental stock also includes other formats and various other shapes. In the meantime, we can offer you a number of circular stages as a special highlight of our rental pool. We currently have circular stages with diameters of 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 m in stock. 

What do you want to show on the stage?

Artists of all kinds need the right setting for their performance. The stage is more than just the site of the performance. Actors, speakers, musicians, dancers, and even models all require different things from a stage. That is why we create the right concept with you. The platform on which the event takes place should blend into the background. The actors should be the main focus. The customers who rent stage platforms from us include concert halls, theatre houses, church parishes, schools, gymnastics clubs, and nightclubs, as well as community centres and sports clubs. And the camera that will capture the beautiful photos of the event on the stage is also on a small stage, known as the camera platform. 

Safety first!

Safety comes first! Our ProfiStage 750 model rental platforms have been tested by TÜV Thüringen and are approved for an installation height of up to 2 m without additional struts. Even at this height you still have a guaranteed load capacity of 750 kg/m². We only use 60x60 mm square tubes for our stage legs. We do not compromise. We do not use cheaper standard round tubes as stage legs just to save a little aluminium. We do not install dizzyingly thin panels just because they are a few euros cheaper. We only work with high-quality materials so our customers will also benefit from the invaluable feeling that everything will run smoothly, that, for example, the floor won't make any disturbing noises and no one will be harmed. Nevertheless, we won't charge you more than the competition. Just ask us and see for yourself. We would be delighted to work with you to create the basis for successful events.

Rental catalogue

Here you can find all information about our rental in one catalogue.

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