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Overview formats

Special forms and special formats complete our offer.

Not every stage or tribune fits in the grid 200 x 100 cm, therefore we offer our customers to produce special constructions for them. It doesn´t matter if it is only one piece or a large amount, we want to realise our customers project.

Rectangular platforms

Rectangular platforms can be produced in all technical possible measurements.

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Triangular platforms

As standard formats we can deliver 200 x 100 x 224 cm and 100 x 100 x 142 cm.

Of course we produce triangles to customers requirement.

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Trapezoidal platforms

In case that triangles and standard platforms can´t fit the required space, we produce matching trapezoids for our customers. They can be used e.g. for tribunes or rooms with uneven walls.

Please feel free to ask us, we surely find the perfect solution for your plan.

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Circular stages

The circular stages are manufactured from single elements that range within the screen of 2.0 x 1.0 m. The latter has the advantage that circle elements with standard platforms may be stored and transported on a palette. As it comes to production, we do absolutely comply with our customer‘s requirements. It is you to decide on the appearance of the circular stage. Radius, proportions of the single elements (e.g. with the purpose that quadrants or semicircles may be constructed at any time), surface formation (vinyl coating, beech veneer, real wood parquet, carpet etc.), height of stage - each and everything will be tailored to your needs.

We also offer our circular stages for rental. Here you can get more information.

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