Load-bearing capacity:  750 kg/m2

StandardStage 750

Entry Model into the 750 kg - Class

As a 750 kg platform with a 22 mm board, tested and approved by the TÜV Thüringen, the StandardStage 750 fulfils all tribune design requirements and has a timeless, clear, structural design. The StandardStage 750 can be used up to a height of 1.6 m as a 750 kg platform.

standard sizes
2x1 m; 2x0,5 m; 1x1 m; 1x0,5 m; 0,5x0,5 m
special shapes
triangles, trapezoides
max. setup height 1.6 m
height of aluminium frame 98 mm
board thickness 22 mm
quality Product 100% „Made in Germany“
safety TÜV THÜRINGEN Bauart geprüft

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